BSF India



The BSF was created to protect India’s international borders.


They played a pivotal role in the 1971 Indo-Pak War as they stepped in and took charge till the time the Indian Army arrived.

The March with Army

BSF officers and troops advanced into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) with the Indian Army. An exclusive mention tells us how the South Bengal Frontier headquarters at 2-B, Lord Sinha Road was converted into an operational room for the political high command and liberating forces of Bangladesh. It was here that strategies were drawn out against our enemies.

Two Facets of BSF

The BSF not only guarded India’s borders in times of war, they also showed their benign side.
The thousands of refugees who poured into India from all corners of Bangladesh during the 1971 war, were evacuated, provided shelter for and taken care of by them. The BSF doctors worked round the clock relentlessly to render assistance and fought hard against the prevalent epidemics.
These are the two facets of the BSF - If they can fight fiercely, they can also protect unconditionally.

Golden Milestones

  • During the Kargil conflict 1999, the BSF remained on the heights of the mountains and defended the integrity of the country with all the might as its command in unison with the Army.
  • BSF personnel have been performing Internal Security Duty in Manipur for the last 10 years and have been successfully fighting insurgency in those areas.
  • During the earthquake in Gujarat on 26th January 2001, the BSF was the first to reach out to help the distressed people.
  • At the time of natural disaster/calamities, BSF provides assistance in areas of deployment such as Kedarnath Tragedy in 2013, Kashmir flood in 2014 and Kerela flood in 2018.
  • BSF is deployed at various ICP and LCS on borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • BSF has also sensitized people living in border areas during COVID-19 epidemic and provided them with necessary support/help under the Civic Action Program.